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Innovation Tour for Students

We help to learn new markets and to solve global problems with field visits around the world. We see academic field trip as a course-related activity that serves educational purposes and occurs outside the classroom, ideally abroad.

Experiential learning is a holistic learning model based on integrative process where students first obtain knowledge, then perform an activity (generally with some "real-world" application), and finally reflect on the experience (Kolb). Conducting fieldwork research or practice at an off-campus site in direct contact with the entities or phenomena being studied to meet the needs of particular community. Our field trip programs are constructed to include reflection, conceptualization and activities to provide incredibly formative and impactful education experience. 


We suggest considering October or Spring Break for class field trips. Numerous classes have boosted their enrollment numbers by optioning an international field trip, while others boost student motivation by reserving trip application to the best students.

I will create your group program and be happy to lead you through the unique experience. Let me know and we will find a way..extraordinary, uplifting travel experience, that will inspire you and initiate innovations and transformational path for future challenges.

I'm here to connect innovations and science with real world needs. I see the potential of much higher impact and benefits if we dare to pivot, experiment and sensibly employ our know-how to help interconnected communities and the planet. I urge you to rethink the race towards another slightly better microcredit fin-tech unicorn, rethink “higher value-added” product relativity, and race to do another incremental change in the world of the most developed countries. As a huge fan of Europe, I urge you to transform part of this energy and knowledge to create sustainable innovations and make them more accessible to millions of people in less developed areas, changing their daily patterns for their own convenience, for the environment and inevitably for the benefit of those who dare to engage and be open! I'm here to explore places and relationships that empower innovative spirits to act and do what matters! Read more HERE


Traveling, absorbing and interacting with local communities with design thinking in mind

Let me know if you are interested and we will find the right spot and timing to make an impact!

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