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Industrial Tour

10/05/2023 - 16/05/2023

Discover business opportunities from municipalities and private entities. Support from the government, major procurement and infrastructure & tech development updates.

We will explore business opportunities at the main industrial and innovation hubs, municipalities and with the key partners from private partners. We will meet high level representatives, hands-on practitioners and other inspiring partners and places.   

We will provide accommodations with the breakfast, field trips with the transportation from Podgorica to other cities (north and south), lunch, dinner, breathing, reflection and idea brainstorming sessions.

Price on request.

Join the real experience!

Simply feel if that is yours!

Investment opportunities "on the plate"

Personalized Content

Small groups with tailor-made agenda


With local communities, business & public representatives and within the group

Meet the Team

Montenegro tour will be accompanied by Jānis and Miloš, however you will have sessions with other inspirational personalities and local business actors, as well as key representatives from municipalities and very little from the government.

Inspirational travel for innovators and entrepreneurs. Breath, focus, feel and see.

Let us know
if you are interested!

We will provide you with more detailed agenda, price options and other practicalities!

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+371 29647759

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